Medical Cannabis

Resources and Information for Medical Cannabis in Washington State.

Medical Cannabis Made Easy.

We make it easy to find the information and products you need.

All the information on medical cannabis in Washington, all in one place. Learn if your condition qualifies, locate a doctor, connect with a certified consultant to register as a patient, and find the right product for you, all in one place.

The Cannabis Alliance is proud to partner with doctors, patients, medical cannabis companies, and other like-minded groups to bring you this incredible resource of information, education, and connection.

Caitlein Ryan PhD – The Cannabis Alliance Executive Director

We Make It Easy


We are passionate about the health benefits of cannabinoids and we aim to make it easy to find the information, people, and products you need.


We have brought together an incredible team of informed doctors, licensed medical cannabis consultants, and leaders from the cannabis industry.


We are here to help you through each step of the process so you can quickly and easily access the cannabis medicine you need to fully live your life.

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